Senior University (senioruniv.org) is a membership organization offering persons over 50 years of age a varied program of classes, lectures, travel activities, and other learning opportunities designed to provide intellectual stimulation, cultural experiences, and personal enjoyment. We offer fall and winter terms of six weeks each, with one 60- to 90-minute class session per week, as well as a summer term of one week comprising 10 lectures of 60 minutes each. We also offer a program of free lectures open to the public during the fall and winter terms. We welcome academically oriented proposals to teach courses or to present lectures.

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Please submit this form either on paper to Senior University, PO Box 488, Georgetown, TX 78627, or as a PDF document to . Proposals for courses to be offered in the fall term must be received by Senior University not later than the preceding May 31. Proposals for winter term courses must be received by October 15, and proposals for summer lectures by February 28. Proposals received after these deadlines will be held and considered for the next fall or winter term or for the next summer term. Proposals for public lectures may be submitted at any time. Thank you for your proposal. We will contact you as soon as possible.

                                                                              Rev 6-12-13