Name of Instructor      Name of Course 

  Please select the response that best represents your views concerning this instructor, this course, and SrU

   1) Instructor's skill as a teacher    

    2) Instructor's skill in organizing content  

    3) Instructor's knowledge of the subject matter  

    4) Instructor's skill in answering questions 

    5) Comments (including, for example, instructor's effective use of technology, if applicable):

    6) The contents of the course was 

    7) This course should be repeated in the future.  

    8) The instructor should be invited to offer other courses

    9) Comments (including, for example, adequacy and accessibility of the classroom):

   If you have provided this information in another course, disregard the following items:

  10) The course offerings of SrU this term were comprehensive, balanced and  sufficient
          in number.

  11) The registration procedures of SrU this term were efficient and easy to use.

  12) Channels of communications with the SrU office, officers,and instructors were available
         and easy to use 

  13) The SrU website is helpful, informative and user friendly.

  14) On average how often do you visit the SrU website?

  15) When you visit the SrU website, what information are you seeking?

  16) Comments:

  17) If you stopped attending a course or courses in which you were enrolled this term, please name the
         course(s) and give the reason(s).  

  18) Please describe below any new courses you would like SrU to offer and identify any persons you believe
         should be invited to teach for the SrU. 

  Thank you for your responses.